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500gm of Puff pastry ( Zia Mirella suggests that you buy it ready made from your supermarket –it’s so much easier than making it from scratch)

300gm fresh dark purple plums

300gm of yellow plums

A pat of butter

60gm of white sugar

200gm of vanilla cream or liquid custard

50gm of apricot jam


Roll out the puff pastry into a round disk shape approximately ½ thick. Roll it out larger than your baking dish so that it will cover the sides. Keep a little pastry apart for decoration.

Butter the baking dish and lightly dust it with fine bread crumbs or flour.

Place the pastry in your baking dish and form a decorative border at the sides. Make a few holes in the pastry base with a fork.

Prepare the plums as follows – cut them in half, take out the stones and place them in an oven dish with a little of the sugar on top.
Heat your oven to approximately 180° and place the oven dish with the plums in the oven for about 5 minutes only. Remove from the oven saving the juice from the plums.

Spoon the vanilla cream or liquid custard onto the pastry base in the baking dish then fill with the soft plums.

Heat up your oven to 180° 200° and bake for 30-40 minutes

Remove from the oven , spoon over  the left over plum juice and the apricot jam and powder with the sugar.

Serve warm or cold, it is delicious both ways

Zia Mirella says that you can do the same using peaches, apricots or cherries.  Any summer fruit is great.