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Pasta with scampi is one of Zia Mirella’s favourite dishes


300g of “Butterfly “ pasta

12 large “Scampi” ( large prawns)

1 leek or you can use spring onions

½ a cup of dry white wine

Some finely chopped parsley, thyme and basil

A small cup of cream ( cooking cream is fine )

  A pat of butter

A couple of table spoons of grated Parmesan Cheese 

A pinch of curry powder ( Zia  Mirella says this is what makes the dish very   special )


Cook the onions and the leeks or spring onions ( cut into rings ) with the butter until they are soft, being careful not to brown them.

Add the scampi after you have peeled them and cook for  a few minutes. 

Now add the white wine and continue cooking on a medium heat until the wine has nearly evaporated.

Add the herbs ( you can just use the herbs you have ) now add the Parmesan.

Finally add the cream and a pinch of curry.

While you have been preparing the sauce boil up a large saucepan of water add a good pinch of rock salt. If you use fine salt – put in a little less.

A hint from Zia  Mirella – always use a large pot of water when you are cooking any pasta – it stops the pasta from sticking and cooks it evenly.

Throw in the pasta when the water has boiled , bring to boiling point again and now lower the gas so the pasta simmers.

Farfalle take about 8-10 minutes to cook, but try them to see if you like them “ al dente” or softer.

Another hint from Zia Mirella – the cooking time for any pasta is normally written on the packet.

Drain the pasta and mix with the ” Scampi ” sauce.

Add a little chopped parsley as decoration .

Serve with a separate bowl of extra Parmesan cheese.

Zia  Mirella  suggests you use any pasta if you can’t find the “farfalle “ type.