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A  packet of vol au vent cases, say about 8, fresh or frozen.

100g of frozen peas

 50g of dried or fresh mushrooms ( the dry ones usually have a stronger flavour)

 ½ litre of bechamel

A  nob of  butter

Grated parmesan cheese.

A tiny clove of garlic ( This is optional if you don’t like garlic ).


Follow the instructions on the packet to heat the Vol au Vent cases

Put the finely chopped mushrooms (if you are using dried mushrooms,  it’s better to soak them a little first in boiling water  with a pinch of salt and pepper ) Remember to drain the excess water out into a pan with the nob of butter and the garlic clove – after a while take out the garlic as just a little flavour is enough.

Add the frozen peas and cook until the peas are tender.

Now add the bechamel and the parmesan cheese.

Garnish with parsley or basil leaves

Fill the prepared Vol au Vents and keep them hot in the oven.