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500g of finely sliced veal

Anchovy paste 

A medium sized Mozzarella 

A small cup of Extra Virgin olive Oil

A small glass of dry white wine

A few leaves of sage ( Zia Mirella says that dried sage is just as good )

A dash of salt and pepper 



Beat the veal until it is tender.

Cut the veal into fairly regular rectangles – approx: 8-9cm by 3-4cm.

Place a slice of Mozzarella onto each piece of veal and add little of the anchovy paste.

Wrap the veal slices and fasten them  with a toothpick.

Heat up the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and add in the sage .

Cook on a medium heat on both sides for 3-4 minutes and then add the wine .

When the wine has been absorbed the wraps of veal are ready.

You can serve these as your main meal with a nice side salad.

Mirella says these are great to serve as an appetiser before a meal.

They are also very good cold.