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A whole chicken  800-900g

400g of chicken breast

400g of pork

400g of veal

100g of “Proscuitto Crudo”

100g of cooked ham

100g of “Mortadella”

A small glass of dry white wine

1 egg

A  pat of butter

A couple of table spoons of grated Parmesan

A dash of salt and pepper


If possible get your local butcher to debone your chicken

Ask your butcher to take out all the centre bones in the chicken leaving the legs and wings whole.

If you are doing it yourself carefully cut across the breast bone of the chicken and take out the bones .

As Zia Mirella says this is such a fabulous dish that it is worth all the effort !!

Put all the other ingredients – the various meats and cold meats through a meat grinder or mixer.

Add the egg and the Parmesan cheese to the meat mixture .

Stuff the chicken with the mixture and sew up the breast and any other holes, (neck and tail) with some strong cotton thread.

Heat up your oven to about 180° .

  Put a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a large pan, add the stuffed chicken covered with little pats  of butter and a little salt on top.

Turn the chicken over quite often and baste it with its own juices.

When it has turned a golden brown add the dry white wine.

Allow to cook for approximately 1 hour.

Mirella suggests letting the chicken cool down before cutting it into slices.

Serve with the pan juices heated up in a separate bowl. 

This is another of Zia Mirella’s recipes that can be made beforehand as the stuffed chicken slices are great cold or warm the next day served with a nice green salad.

A dish to impress your guests !