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This is a classic Italian dish, but nothing to do with a pizza!


500g of very finely sliced beef

2 tins of peeled tomatoes

A desert spoon of dried oregano

A small clove of garlic

A small cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A dash of salt and pepper


Heat up the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the clove of garlic into a large frying pan

Take out the garlic early if you wish

Add the oregano, the tins of peeled tomatoes and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Having added the meat, cook slowly over a medium heat for about 15-20 minutes turning the meat over

Serve with boiled potatoes and any other vegetables

Another favourite to do is Straccetti di Manzo alla Veneta


500g of beef cut into fine strips

One beef cube

3-4 small white onions

Cup of white wine vinegar


In a saucepan, cook the finely chopped onions in olive oil

Add a meat cube

After 10-15 minutes add the meat and cook slowly

When the meat is nearly cooked add your cup of vinegar

Serve when the vinegar is completely absorbed

You can use white wine instead of vinegar if you prefer