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4 hard boiled eggs ( A hint from Zia Mirella – put a safety pin or something metal in the water when you are boiling the eggs – it stops them cracking)

120g tinned  tuna in olive oil

A bunch of sliced cooked green beans

A handful of cooked diced potatoes

2-3 medium sized red vine tomatoes

A few leaves of fresh basil

A small cup of extra virgin olive oil

The juice of half a lemon

A dash of salt and pepper 


Cook the potatoes and the beans, chop into small pieces and put to one side.

Boil the eggs for approximately 10 minutes. Put them to one side to cool.

Chop the fresh tomatoes and break up the basil leaves ( Zia Mirella  says that you should always break up the basil not cut it – the flavour is better).

Drain the tuna from the olive oil (as later you will add  extra virgin olive oil to the salad.)

Chop the hard boiled eggs.

Mix all the ingredients in a large salad bowl, add some of the extra virgin olive oil and a little of the lemon juice.

Taste for salt and pepper.

Zia Mirella suggests serving this as a one course lunch as the tuna is quite filling.

A glass of chilled white wine would be a lovely touch.