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4-5 medium sized artichokes

1 litre of low fat milk

150g Italian “Robiola” or “Stracchino” cheese ( you can find either at good  

delicatessens or at most supermarkets) I sometimes use mascarpone or a cream cheese

½ a medium sized onion

A little  parsley 

A nob of butter

1 chicken soup cube 

Salt and pepper to taste.


Clean the artichokes , taking off all the outer spiky leaves and the stalk ( A hint from Zia  Mirella – you can normally buy the artichokes already cleaned and this saves the nasty business of getting spiked by the sharp outer leaves)

Cut the artichokes into fine lengths and place them into a bowl of water with a slice of lemon (this stops them turning black)

Finely chop the onion and cook it in butter until golden- not brown.

Add the artichoke pieces and the soup cube – which will dissolve as you are cooking.

Add a little water as you go along so that the mixture does not become too dry.

Cook on a medium heat until the artichokes are soft, approx 25-30 minutes

Allow to cool a little

Place the mixture into your Mixer, add the cheese, parsley, the milk and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Another hint from Zia  Mirella – you can make this the day before and then gently heat it up. If the sauce thickens too much add a little cooking cream.The best pasta to use are “Fusilli”, ” Conchiglie” or “Farfalle “