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Aunt Mirella’s Recipes: by Ask Granny

What a joy it was when I received a gift-book filled with my Italian sister-in-law’s unique recipes.

Mirella who lived in Rome and Milan, was an outstanding cook, who made creative and  last minute cooking seem so easy and fun and what better birthday gift to receive from such a talented lady! You will also find useful and enjoy her extra hints and tips which she added to many of the  quick and easy to do recipes.

I have decided to share them with all my followers on Ask Granny and all of you, keep looking out for a newly-posted and exciting weekly recipe from Aunt Mirella’s notes. The tasty meals will be cooked, tried, and tasted and posted to all of you grannies  and granddads who enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.

 Here is the first of many great recipes Ask Granny was given by Aunt Mirella,


  shutterstock_28905577 bread bites



A loaf of country bread

4 eggs

5-6 red peppers

Extra Virgin  Olive Oil

A  dash of salt and freshly ground black pepper


Roast or grill the red peppers.

Gently peel  off the skin when they are soft .

Cut the peppers  and dribble on some olive oil.

( A hint from Aunt Mirella)  if you are roasting the peppers put them on tin foil so as not to dirty the oven.

Beat  the eggs and make an omelette adding salt and pepper.

Cut the bread into bite size pieces and  add a layer of  omelette and  some of the roasted peppers.

Use a tooth pick to hold it all together to serve.

These nibbles are always a huge success.

( Another hint from Aunt  Mirella)  you can prepare the red peppers the day before – they last for several days.