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12 slices of thinly cut veal 

100g of “Proscuitto Crudo” 

A few leaves of sage ( use fresh sage for this dish,much better than the dried sage )

A small cup of Extra Virgin olive Oil

A small glass of dry white wine 

A few tooth picks

A dash of salt and pepper


Beat the veal so that it is quite thin.

Cut in into approximately 4cm by 8cm pieces  ( they don’t have to be too regular).

Place a leaf of sage on each piece and a piece of the “Prosciutto Crudo” and add a dash of salt and pepper.

Roll the pieces up and fix with a tooth pick.

Heat up the Extra Virgin olive Oil in a frying pan and gently put in the rolls.

Cook for a few minutes turning them over to brown on all sides .

Now add the dry white wine and continue cooking until the wine has evaporated but don’t let them get dry.

Serve with vegetables of your choice .

This is another of Zia Mirellas’ recipes that you can prepare beforehand.