Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 60

gifts for women

In this feature I’m NOT going to add a whole list of websites offering presents for grandparents, pensioners, seniors and all the “Over something-or-other.” I have listed all the gifts that have so far given me great pleasure and all my family members, men and women and friends over the age of 60. There are some very original and useful ideas. In each category there are gift ideas at all prices so some more expensive presents, such as for a special anniversary, are also included in the list. Let’s forget for a moment, chocolates, flowers, food,  scarves, certain gift vouchers Read More

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Best Gift Ideas for Men Over 60

gifts for men

So the men in our lives are slowing down, maybe retiring  or have retired and sometimes finding a hobby for them is hard. However it is also a good time to spend more time with family and friends and do some of the things that did not fit into a previously busy life Getting a gift for a man of ANY age  can be very stressful! What would he REALLY like?    Let’s forget boxers shorts, socks,  aftershaves, handkerchiefs, scarves and find something more unusual that he will appreciate. Luckily,  I have many men in my family and here a some of Read More

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Health and Wellbeing. Finding The Right Hearing Aid.

HEAR image (1)

Don’t miss a single word from your grandchildren Whether it’s the first words from our precious grand babies, the joy of birds singing, the tinkling of a mountain stream, conversations, music of all kinds, the dynamic noise of everyday city life – our ears present the great pleasures of life. However, they are also one of our most vital early warning systems, very useful in detecting oncoming traffic and when asleep too, registering a possible break-in downstairs or a saber-tooth tiger entering the tribal cave. Nearly all of us take these every day and extraordinary things for granted, only becoming Read More

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6 Websites for Grandchild Proofing Your Home

child proofing

Baby Proofing Your House.  If you follow Ask Granny’s ideas on how to keep your home safe for babies  and toddlers,  baby-proofing doesn’t have to be too difficult. Below, you will find 6 websites to help you baby proof your home inside and out. It’s a good idea to child proof your home BEFORE the grandchildren come to stay! Common sense tells us to clear all surfaces of small items such as coins, paper clips, sharp items and anything else that could  easily get stuck in a toddler or baby’s throat, and importantly remove all cleaning products and medicines from easy reach. Read More

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Ten Top Worldwide Travel Insurance Sites for Seniors

senior travel

Ask Granny travels to many places each year but each time needs better insurance advice so if you are a senior  about to book a holiday, or if you have already booked your trip, its important to have peace of mind and feel protected . Ask Granny has chosen 10 travel insurance company websites she feels all her readers  worldwide should take a look at.…  This website has put together useful answers to help you get   easy and quick quotes.…  Lists insurance policies for worldwide residents.….  Gives information that  helps you find the right travel insurance plan to Read More

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8 Best Gifts Cards and Vouchers

Gift / Discount / Business card template. Red bow, ribbon

‘Gift giving’ takes place all the year round…. Ouch! Christmas was only just the other day! Someone somewhere is about to have a birthday, grandparents and parents have an anniversary coming  up soon and of course there is always a special celebration day to think about. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so Ask Granny has compiled a list of the best gift cards, gift tokens and gift vouchers for him and her. Gift cards  and vouchers are great presents for men and women of all ages and are now easy to buy online too, so take a look at Read More

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