Festive Family Get Togethers


         What to do when the whole family gets together: have some fun! We’re approaching the time of year when families gather for fall barbecues, football game days, reunions, and Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers. While board games and card games are lots of fun, it’s also special to plan some activities that are new and different. Here are some ideas for special things to do together and that all ages can enjoy. So gather the gang and feel free to laugh a lot as you make new family memories. Have a Silly Dance Contest. Gather the family, Read More

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Best Christmas Gifts for Grandpa


When Christmas rolls around, we all want to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. The kids are pretty easy to buy for and so are the women, but those men! Grandpas may say they don’t want anything, but, of course they do. Let’s see if we can brainstorm some presents that will put a big smile on Grandpa’s face this Christmas. How does he spend his time? If you can think about the ways in which Grandpa spends his days, you can figure out a gift related to that. Does he do woodwork? Maybe he’d like some new Read More

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Ask Granny’s Christmas Gifts for Children


           Christmas Toys 2015, to Snap Up Before They’re Sold Out This Year! I know it’s still a long time until Christmas, but word has it that some of the toys your grandchildren will want this year are most likely going to sell out quickly. It’s time to have a few conversations about “what do you want for Christmas this year.” My guess is they’re already making their lists and one or more of the following toys will be on it. So whether you’re looking for traditional toys or the newest thing, check out Ask Granny’s Read More

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Healthy Grandparents: Core Exercises for Seniors

senior yoga

    Health and fitness folks talk a lot about strengthening our cores. Just what is that? Our core is our stomach, back, hips and pelvis and this part of the body is key to important health issues for seniors. Many seniors have decreased strength, balance and coordination as they age. This increases the risk of falls and other injuries. So the fitness gurus are right—we need to pay attention to exercises that will build strength in the core of our bodies. Once the core is stronger we’ll enjoy the benefits of better posture, a decreased risk of falling, a greater Read More

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8 Board Games for Grandparents and Grandkids

Extended family playing board game on the floor.

Here are some of the best board games to play with grandkids eight and under. Everyone loves board games, but sometimes the younger grandkids feel left out when they play with older siblings. Plan a time when just the younger grandkids play board games with the adults and choose one of these board games below meant especially for the younger set. Studies show that children learn many academic skills while playing board games. They’re getting ready to do math problems, problem solving activities and learning organizational skills. They’re also learning to wait their turn, think ahead, pay attention and a Read More

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Getting Along with the “Other Grandparents”


Most likely your beautiful grandchildren have other grandparents besides you. And if there have been deaths and divorces in the older generations there may be six or eight adults who call themselves grandparents in your grandchildren’s lives. Having lots of grandparents or other adults who lavish time and presents on children is a plus for them, but there is a good chance that you may have some differences with the other grandparents. You may even dislike them and feel a bit jealous of the time they have with the grandkids. In addition the other side of the family may have Read More

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